For use with the following type of changes:   

  • Change of Control/Ownership/Governance
  • Change of Legal Status
  • Acquisitions
  • Mergers and Consolidations




Statement Regarding All Substantive Change Documentation Forms


Please note that this and all of the SACSCOC Substantive Change Documentation forms contain the minimum information required.  Additional standards may be added by SACSCOC staff as needed to provide the visiting team with relevant information necessary to making an informed determination regarding the change.



Name of the Institution:   University of North Georgia                        


Nature of the Substantive Change:     Consolidation 


Date:    July 22, 2013                                                         


By signing below, we attest to the following:

  1. That University of North Georgia  has attached a complete and accurate overview of the proposed Substantive Change.
  2. That University of North Georgia has provided complete and accurate disclosure of timely information regarding compliance with the selected sections of the Principles of Accreditation affected by this Substantive Change. 


Name and signature of the President:  Bonita C. Jacobs


Name and signature of the Accreditation Liaison:  Denise York Young


SACSCOC Staff Member assigned to the Institution:  Marcy Stoll        





Form Updated:  MAR 2012