University of North Georgia is compliant with this comprehensive standard.


The former Gainesville State College and North Georgia College & State University had established policies and procedures to ensure that they are exercising proper control over their physical resources.  The consolidated University of North Georgia (UNG) continues with these practices in an effort to achieve its goals of sustainability, control, and efficient management of its physical resources.


In accordance with University System of Georgia (USG) Board of Regents Policy, equipment meeting a $5,000 threshold[1] is deemed depreciable and is input into the USG PeopleSoft Asset Management Module[2].  Depreciation is calculated for assets each month and the Capital Ledger is balanced to the Asset Management module each month and verified for accuracy.  Equipment valued between $3,000 to $4,999 is considered Small Value Property (SVP) and is entered into the PeopleSoft Asset Management module, but is not depreciated.  Both Small Value Property and items meeting the threshold are inventoried annually to ensure those assets are properly resourced and in place.  These procedures are audited each year by the Department of Audit and Accounts to ensure that assets are balanced and verified, thresholds are being monitored properly, and physical inventories are accomplished as required. 


The Facilities/Plant Operations departments complete a small tool inventory[3] on an annual basis and these tools, along with the larger equipment for grounds, when not in use, are locked in a storage facility encased by fencing.  University police monitor the building and grounds to ensure that facilities and grounds are safe and secure. 


Work orders are submitted to request maintenance for a campus building or grounds area.  Administrators and supervisors from the Facilities/Plant Operations areas regularly walk around the buildings and campus to ensure that there are no hazards or maintenance issues that need to be addressed.  Regular preventive maintenance is performed and records are maintained to record the work completed.  A deferred maintenance plan is also maintained to ensure that these issues are addressed as funds are available to do so.  Both Facilities departments (North – Dahlonega and Cumming[4]; South – Gainesville and Oconee[5]) complete Building Condition Reports that detail the condition of the buildings and what maintenance, upgrades, and renovations have been performed.


UNG employs a combination of hard-key and electronic access control strategies for securing campus physical resources.  On the Dahlonega campus, all residential facilities have electronic card access devices on all exterior entry doors and all interior resident room doors.  About 50% of academic buildings on the Dahlonega campus have electronic card access control on exterior entry doors only.  The Gainesville, Oconee, and Cumming campuses have electronic card access control on 100% of all exterior entry doors.  All newly constructed or renovated buildings throughout all four UNG campuses (since 2007) have had, and will have as funding allows, electronic card access installed on all exterior access door.  All other doors, gates, and access points on the four campuses have a “patented” physical keying system tightly controlled by designated specialist locksmith technicians which inventory and control all issued keys with a computerized key management system.  All UNG doors with electronic access control have a physical master key override issued only to, and strictly controlled by, the campus Public Safety department.

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