University of North Georgia is compliant with this comprehensive standard.


The legal authority and operating control of the University of North Georgia (UNG) are clearly defined for institutional policy within the institution's governance structure. The Constitution of the State of Georgia establishes the Board of Regents (BOR) and provides that "government, control and management of the University System of Georgia and all institutions" are vested in the BOR [Article VIII, Paragraph 1, Constitution of the State of Georgia[1]]. More specifically, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated grants the BOR the authority to "establish all such schools of learning or art as may be useful to the state and to organize them in the way most likely to attain the ends desired;" and "to consolidate, suspend, or discontinue institutions; merge departments; inaugurate or discontinue courses; and abolish or add degrees." [20-3-31, Official Code of Georgia Annotated[2]] [20-3-32 (a), Official Code of Georgia Annotated[3]].  Policy of the BOR applicable to all USG institutions, including UNG, is clearly set forth in the BOR Policy Manual, USG Academic & Student Affairs Handbook, and USG Business Procedures Manual [Overview, Policy Manual, Board of Regents[4]] [Overview, Academic & Student Affairs Handbook[5], University System of Georgia] [Forward, Business Procedures Manual, Board of Regents[6]].


 The UNG Statutes[7], in turn, establish the mechanism for creation and execution of educational policy at UNG. The Statutes "are subject to the provisions of the Bylaws of the BOR and the BOR Policy Manual. Any provision of these Statutes in conflict with the BOR Bylaws and/or Policy Manual is invalid."  The UNG Statutes were approved by the UNG faculty and staff in January 2013.

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