University of North Georgia is in compliance with this core requirement.  On May 9, 2012, the following mission statement was approved by the Board of Regents [1]for the consolidated University of North Georgia


The University of North Georgia, a regional multi-campus institution and premier senior

military college, provides a culture of academic excellence in a student-focused environment that

includes quality education, service, inquiry and creativity. This is accomplished through broad

access to comprehensive academic and co-curricular programs that develop students into leaders

for a diverse and global society. The University of North Georgia  is a University System of Georgia

leadership institution and is The Military College of Georgia.  


UNG’s mission statement reflects a consolidation of the missions of the two previous institutions, which emphasized access, quality programs, leadership development, global learning, and military education.  UNG is committed to serving the educational needs of the region and state by providing a range of degree programs (associate through doctoral levels) that produce highly qualified graduates for the region’s major employers, improve the region’s quality of life, and contribute to the region’s economy. The mission emphasizes the diverse population of a multi-campus institution that includes commuting and residential students, as well as traditional, non-traditional, working, and special needs students. UNG offers an array of student support services and programs to accommodate varying levels of student academic preparation. The university's mission encourages student life experiences that emphasize cultural, recreational, and intellectual leadership opportunities.


The UNG mission addresses the educational purpose of the institution within the region it serves.  The central phrase “academic excellence in a student-focused environment that includes quality education, service, inquiry, and creativity” demonstrates the institution’s commitment to teaching excellence and student learning.  This is reflected in the scope of programs and services provided to a student population with a broad range of educational aspirations and academic preparation.   


Each of the 31 institutions within the University System of Georgia is categorized as one of the following:  research university, regional university, state university, state college, or two-year college. The University of North Georgia is classified by USG as a state university.  As such, research activity includes some basic research, but is typically more focused on institutional, applied, and/or educational research as integrated within the teaching and learning environment.  This is addressed in the mission statement as "student-focused environment that includes....inquiry and creativity" and is consistent with USG approval to offer only professional/practice/applied doctorates.


North Georgia College & State University earned the Community Engagement Classification in 2010 from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in recognition of collaboration between the university and the region for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources. We have received confirmation that this classification continues as the University of North Georgia.  As a community-engaged campus, the university and its faculty, staff, and students are committed to reciprocal partnerships within the communities where campuses are located as well as with the U.S. Department of Army to foster the education of citizens and military leaders who understand civic responsibility. Through service-learning, internships, clinical experiences, and volunteer experiences, UNG students are engaged with the community.  The UNG mission statement addresses service in the context of a "student-focused environment" and for the purpose of developing "students into leaders for a diverse and global society."


The University of North Georgia mission statement is widely disseminated to students, faculty, staff, and the community through the following publications: 

  • UNG Undergraduate Catalog [2]
  • UNG Graduate Catalog [3]
  • UNG website [4]
  • UNG Student Handbook[5]
  • UNG Statutes[6] 
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