The University of North Georgia (UNG) is compliant with this federal requirement.  The university has formal procedures for resolving student complaint and code of conduct violations.  The processes for resolving a student grievance are published on the Dean of Students website [1]and will be made available in the online Student Handbook.  The Code of Conduct procedures are published in the Student Code of Conduct section of the Student Handbook[2].  Collectively, these procedures not only outline the possible methods of resolving a general student complaint, but also refer students to institutional policies that govern student complaints not considered to be general in nature.  This includes grade complaints, academic integrity violations, discipline complaints and appeals, discrimination and harassment, and sexual misconduct complaints.  The Student Handbook also includes a section that addresses the UNG appeals process[3]The Student Handbook is updated, published and distributed annually.  In addition to the information in the Student Handbook, the Distance Education and Technology Integration department (DETI) maintains a Consumer Information webpage[4] with information for students and other individuals explaining how to file a complaint.


Distribution of the student handbook

  • Cadets – Handbooks are distributed by the Commandant’s Office to each cadet.
  • Resident Students – Handbooks are delivered to each residence hall and are distributed by the Resident Assistants.
  • Commuters – Several methods are used to distribute Handbooks to commuting students on all campuses:
    • Handbooks are available for pickup by commuters in the Student Center and/or Student Affairs Administrative Offices on each campus throughout the school year.
    • The Commuter Council assists with distribution by having Handbooks available at the Info Booth they sponsor on the first few days of fall semester, and by distributing Handbooks at their Fall Commuter Picnic.
  • Off-campus Students – Handbooks are provided for distribution at the off-campus sites.
  • Student Handbook is published in pdf format  and is available for viewing on the institutional web site by the end of August.  Students can access the handbook at their convenience.


UNG relies on a decentralized process for handling student complaints.  Based on the nature of the grievance or complaint, Academic Administration or Student Affairs works with the student to follow the prescribed process.  Each Dean keeps a record of grade complaints for his or her college.  Academic complaints that are appealed ultimately reside with the Associate Provost for Academic Administration.  The Associate Provost for Academic Administration also keeps all records from the Student Grade Appeal Committee.  Other types of student complaints, including academic and non-academic Code of Conduct violations, are handled by the Dean of Students on the student's home campus.  For students on the Cumming campus, these types of complaints are handled by the Dean of Students on the Dahlonega campus.  Cadet students utilize the cadet chain of command or communicate directly with the Office of the Commandant to resolve complaints.

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