The University of North Georgia (UNG) is compliant with this federal requirement.  In the Banner course listing for all UNG online courses, there is a note [1]attached which informs students at the time of registration that a proctored activity or exam is required for the course. For those students who are unable to come to one of the campuses of UNG, and who go to a testing center at another non-UNG location, there may be a fee assessed by the testing center for that service. The note that appears in the Banner schedule of courses from which students register reads, " Students are expected to participate in at least one proctored activity (e.g. exam). Proctored activities are held on campus by the instructor (free) or at an authorized testing center (for a fee)." There are no fees associated with verification of student identity that are applied uniformly to all online students.

[ 1 ]   File  Banner fee note for DE courses_fall2013