The University of North Georgia (UNG) is compliant with this federal requirement.  Students enrolled in distance education courses fall under the protection of the Student Privacy Policy and FERPA, as would any student enrolled in any course at the University of North Georgia. The University of North Georgia may disclose directory information regarding a student without prior written consent, unless the student has submitted a written request to the Registrar not to release directory information pertaining to him or her. Directory information is defined in the Student Privacy Policy on the UNG website [1]as the student’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, major, participation in activities, enrollment status (full or part-time), degrees, and awards received. The notification of Student Rights under FERPA is published in the Undergraduate Catalog[2], Graduate Catalog[3], and in the Student Handbook[4].


UNG uses Kerberos authentication for eLearning access. Kerberos is a system that allows students to use the same UNG user name and password that is used to access their student records in order to access eLearning. All information is pulled from Banner, which requires that a student must first apply and be accepted before registering for an online course. ELearning is hosted on a secure (https) server by the University System of Georgia Information Technology Services.  If changes are made to student enrollment, the change must be made verified through Banner first.

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