University of North Georgia (UNG) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. 


Requirements for graduate and post-graduate professional programs are published in the Graduate Catalog[1], which is available online[2].  Requirements for master programs[3] are on pages 43 -120, doctorate program[4] on pages 121-132, specialist programs[5] on pages 133-138, certificate programs[6] on pages 139-46, and teacher certificate endorsement programs[7] on pages 147-150.


All of UNG's graduate and post-graduate professional programs were existing programs at North Georgia College & State University.  Because Gainesville State College did not have graduate programs or post-graduate professional programs, consolidation had no impact on the curriculum and requirements for these programs. 


The program approval process at the institutional and USG levels, depicted in this flowchart [8]and explained in detail in Comprehensive Standard 3.4.1, ensures that program requirements conform to commonly accepted standards and practices for degree programs. Item 3f of the USG Formal Proposal for a New Degree Program[9] requests institutions to "indicate ways in which the proposed program is consistent with nationally accepted trends and standards in the discipline.”  Additionally, many graduate and post-graduate professional programs are accredited by discipline-specific bodies[10] that require them to be based on commonly accepted standards and practices.  According to Board of Regents policy[11], master programs must contain a minimum of 30 semester hours. Applied doctoral programs, such as the Doctor of Physical Therapy, are required by USG to undergo additional review[12].


Further, the University System has established a system of comprehensive academic program review[13] to ensure quality and conformity to accepted practice in all institutional programs.  Each graduate program is reviewed in a cycle of no more than 10 years.

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