University of North Georgia is compliant with this comprehensive standard.


With multiple components to its mission (e.g., access, selective undergraduate, military, graduate), UNG has created an admissions model (Pathways to Completion)[1] reflective of these aspects.  With the exception of the Associate of Science in Nursing, which is selective, admissions policies to Associate degree programs reflect the access portion of the UNG mission and are offered on the Gainesville, Cumming, and Oconee campuses. Admissions to baccalaureate degree programs, which are offered on the Dahlonega, Gainesville, and Cumming campuses, have selective admissions. Cadet admission, serving the institution’s military mission, is limited to baccalaureate degrees on the Dahlonega campus. Admission requirements to graduate programs, which are are offered on the Dahlonega, Gainesville, and Cumming campuses, are program-specific.


Admissions polices for associate[2] and baccalaureate[3] programs are published in the Undergraduate Catalog[4]. Admissions policies for graduate programs are published in the Graduate Catalog[5].  Also, admission polices are published on the UNG website:


Consistent with UNG's mission, admission policies at the Baccalaureate and Graduate levels contain requirements designed to ensure that students admitted to the institution are well qualified academically.  Consistent with the access component of UNG's mission, admissions policies make provisions for many groups of non-traditional learners (e.g., high school students, adult learners, transient students, transfer students, internal transition from associate to baccalaureate, etc.). 

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