University of North Georgia is compliant with this core requirement.  


University of North Georgia awards degrees at the Associate, Baccalaureate, Master, Educational Specialist and Doctoral levels. A full listing of degrees can be found in the undergraduate[1] and graduate[2] catalogs.  An example in which instruction for all course work is provided by UNG is given below for each degree level: 


  • Associate of Science in Nursing,  69 credit hours all offered by UNG - p 182 Undergraduate Catalog[3]
  • Bachelor of  Business Administration with a major in Accounting, 120 credit hours all offered by UNG, - p 205 Undergraduate Catalog[4]
  • Master of Science with a major in Criminal Justice,  36 credit hours all offered by UNG - p 103 Graduate Catalog[5]
  • Educational Specialist in School Leadership with Building and District level Emphasis, 32- 38 credit hours all offered by UNG - p 137 Graduate Catalog[6]
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy,  130 credits hours all offered by UNG - p 130 Graduate Catalog[7]



As detailed in Comprehensive Standard 3.5.3, the general education requirements for undergraduate programs at UNG are guided by the Core Curriculum established by the University System of Georgia[8].  According to Board of Regents policy[9], baccalaureate degrees must contain 120 semester hours, with at least 21 semester hours of upper division courses in the major and at least 39 semester hours of upper division work overall; associate degrees must contain a minimum of 60 semester hours; and master degrees must contain a minimum of 30 semester hours. As with other programs with discipline-specific accreditation, the number of credit hours and structure of the curriculum for the Doctor of Physical Therapy are guided by standards set by the disciplinary accrediting body.  

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