About this Report

Instructions for Accessing the University of North Georgia Substantive Change Report on Flash Drive

The entire University of North Georgia Accreditation Website has been copied to a flash drive for your convenience. To access the flash drive materials, please follow the instructions below:


In some cases by inserting the flash drive into a USB port in your computer, it will automatically open to the Home page of our Submission.


In the event that it does not, please follow these instructions: 

1. Open your file explorer function.

2. Browse to the flash drive.

3. In the root folder, look for a file called Index.htm or Index and double-click on it. The submission will open.


Navigating the Accreditation Website

Upon entering the accreditation website, you will see tabs along the top in blue. To view the report materials, click on the SUBMISSIONS tab. This tab will provide you access to the navigation system on the left side of the screen. By clicking on a section number/letter, there are additional links directly to the numbered standards. This will provide access to that standard's narratives and supporting evidence files. You may click on any of the hyperlinks within the narratives to view the evidence document. The evidence documents appear again in an Evidence List provided at the end of each Narrative Section. The evidence files are also hyperlinked within the Evidence List and can be clicked on to view.  Evidence files will open in a separate window.


Note: If you encounter a dialog box giving you the option to OPEN or SAVE the file, choose the OPEN option. If you then encounter a dialog box requesting the USERNAME and PASSWORD, click CANCEL and the item will usually open. None of the documents requiire a password.


Institutional Contacts

If you need technical assistance with website navigation, accessing evidence files, or would like to request copies of any UNG documents, contact the following people for assistance:


Dr. Denise Young

SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison

Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Phone: 706-867-3281 (office)

Email: denise.young@ung.edu


Betsy Cantrell

Director of Assessment and Accreditation

Phone 678-717-3941 (office)

Email:  betsy.cantrell@ung.edu



Software and Computers

The report should be viewable by any late-model computer that has a USB port.


Web Browser and Internet Access

Internet Explorer 8.0 or later is recommended (other browsers types may be used). You may download the latest version from:



File Viewer

We recommend Adobe Reader 10.0 which is available to download at:



Screen Resolution

Optimized for 1024 x 768 or greater



You can print narratives and evidence for individual standards within the accreditation website. If you want to print the narratives for all of the standards, you may find it easier to print from UNG_Narratives.pdf, which is in the root folder of the flash drive.